Friday, April 11, 2008

Fun with Printmaking!

So here's some work from first semester, Printmaking 1 with Farber. We started with monotypes and monoprints, then moved to etchings, then woodblock/lino cuts. Enjoy! (by the way, over the next fews days, I'll be making tons of posts to catch you guys up on all that I've been doing)

Post Script:// sorry the photos are kind of crappy, I took them in a hurry, and had horrible lighting, i need some photo friends, haha.


Marlee said...

i like all of it. I want an owl , and a nose swirl. Thank you

Marlee said...

oh yesa and i would also appreciate a cloud.

rebeq said...

the smell of ink, the challenge of etching and carving working forward yet backward yet forward
a master printer in the making